Monday, February 25, 2008

New York Times' info-graphics department drop peyote, make stunning chart

OK, maybe they're not on peyote, but it would help explain this amazingly psychedelic graphic depicting movies box office grosses as distributed out over time. It takes a moment to understand it (the height is amount of money, horizontal is the length of time. Scroll backwards to reach all the way back to the 80s--who knew the Patrick Swayze supernatural tearjerker Ghost brought in box office dollars for eight entire months?--or join the chart's creators in simply dropping in and tuning out with those wild swirls and trippy earthtones.


Anonymous said...

Wow I haven't seen that chart, it is more psychedelic that I imagined, maybe if the buy viagra adds were more like this, graphic designers will have more jobs.

javieth said...

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