Thursday, February 21, 2008

because who wouldn't walk away from $15 billion?

Mysteries abound in Palo Alto! It was quietly announced today that Facebook's Chief Revenue Officer, Owen Van Natta, is leaving the company to--say it with me now--"pursue other opportunities." Van Natta was the chief architect of the Microsoft investment, which gave the company it's $15 billion valuation. On the surface, it seems like an odd time to walk away, with every street lined with gold and every rose smelling like money. Even stranger that the position isn't going to be filled.

Though on the other hand, who needs a chief revenue officer when you don't have any revenue? And, well, with the news that the sites users in the UK dropped for the first time ever last month, maybe it's a sign that the rats are starting to escape a ship moving in the wrong direction.

(news via Fake Steve)