Monday, February 11, 2008

Don't go away / say what you say / but say that you'll stay

“The thing they offer advertisers is that they can connect to groups of people. I can see why they wouldn’t want to throw away anyone’s information, but there’s a conflict with privacy,” said Alan Burlison, 46, a British software engineer who succeeded in deleting his account only after he complained in the British press, to the country’s Information Commissioner’s Office and to the TRUSTe organization, an online privacy network

Anyone not think that the site he's talking about is Facebook?

The New York Times today documents yet another privacy breech from Facebook: The inability to permanently leave.

And how do the Facebookers spin it? How do they always spin it: It's a feature designed to make things easier for users:

According to an e-mail message from Amy Sezak, a spokeswoman for Facebook, “Deactivated accounts mean that a user can reactivate at any time and their information will be available again just as they left it.”

Gee, thanks