Friday, January 4, 2008

digital looks fondly back on print

Web designer Jeffery Zeldman makes the bold statement that "self publishing is the new blogging". It's, of course, a statement that me and many others have been making for longer than blogging has actually existed. Yes, it's pie-in-the-sky and yes, it's naive, but it's still nice to hear someone else make the argument for a change. After all:
When you’ve flown that far from Gutenberg, the only place to travel is back.


Paul M. Davis said...

I hear what he's saying about all the pressure that the big-money blogging game engenders. I myself have made tens of cents off Adsense revenue by blogging. Oh noes the pressure!

Paul M. Davis said...

Also: Do these new media/blogging types actually talk to normal people? 'Cos most people I know continue to associate blogging with Livejournal, not acres of Adsense revenue.

Also: Lulu is old news. Print on demand is way overpriced and produces subpar quality. And a hell of a lot more people are buying books from Borders, Barnes and Noble, Amazon and independent booksellers than trolling some online vanity publishing site.